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All of this has been seen as so contrary to the Western myth that until now, even Hollywood has shied away. Steve Hockensmith, World's Greatest Sleuth! Tonya Holmes Shook, The Drifters , a fictionalized biography of one of the author's ancestors, one of the Melungeon Shantyboat People, who traveled west from Kentucky and was involved in the Trail of Tears, the Civil War and Texas cattle drives; Christian message; self-published. Dumb question, he was probably waiting for his friend. Irwin, who became a prominent rancher in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and was involved with such legendary Westerners as Buffalo Bill Cody, Will Rogers, painter Charlie Russell and outlaw Tom Horn; published both as a single volume and in two volumes. Wheeler, The Fire Arrow , about a mountain man trying to bring his wounded Crow wife home to her people during a harsh winter; 14 in the Skye's West series.

Historical Novels of the American Old West

What Sex Was Like in the Wild West

Native Americans have been portrayed with more sympathy in recent decades and, increasingly, as complex individuals who are neither vilified nor idealized. Louis in to find a job after he learns the beaver are dying out; 12 in the Skye's West series. Conley, Nickajack , about a murder trial in the years following the Trail of Tears march; Spur Award winner. Say yes to this man who commanded her attention with his mere presence. Conley, The Way of the Priests , about the Cherokee before the coming of Europeans to the American continent; 1 in the Real People series; first three novels in the series also available in one volume. Parker, Appaloosa , about a pair of courageous gunslingers who trail a remorseless villain to the small Western town of Appaloosa; 1 in the Cole and Hitch series. Conrad Richter, Sea of Grass , about conflicts between farmers and ranchers in late nineteenth century New Mexico.

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Struggling to sit, I turned and gasped. Vicki Delany, Gold Fever , about a dance hall owner in whose twelve-year-old son saves a native woman from suicide, thereby giving his mother's worst enemy an opportunity to destroy her business;" 2 in the Klondike mystery series. Get immediate feedback. No littering, no risk of fire. Stef Ann Holm, Crossings , historical romance about a woman struggling to keep a general store and Pony Express station operating after her father is murdered. Willow was so tired of doing the safe, smart thing.
Sam Sackett, Sweet Betsy from Pike , about a pregnant eighteen-year-old who travels to California during the Gold Rush with her lover, Ike; self-published. But what if love and hate in your heart belongs to the same person. I stumbled over my own feet, landing on my tummy. By now his boots were probably under her bed. She might not get another chance to find out. Thomas Cobb, Shavetail , about a year-old Connecticut boy serving in the U.
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