Tips on cowgirl sex position

I could use some more tips. Your significant other will definitely enjoy the view. Reverse cowgirl — the dream. However, the reverse cowgirl is one of the best positions for hitting your P-spot Posterior Fornix which is located near the cervix on your posterior wall, opposite the G-spot. Maintaining eye contact is a powerful way to express subtle dominance while connecting you in a soulful and sexy union.

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Reverse Cowgirl | Ultimate Guide to this Position

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The only thing left to do is go blow some minds in the bedroom! And you should be a boss, too. This position involves you being partially upright while only leaning a little weight into your partner's legs. I want you to have the confidence to discover delicious new facets of your sexuality, the way I have!

Reverse Cowgirl - Sex Tips

Even though you're in the dominant position, it doesn't have to be with your partner completely horizontal. Your job is to help her find the most pleasurable position and take on your fair share of the effort. One such variation is called the Galley where you encourage her to lean forward as if in doggy style. See instructions on packing slip. I like feeling in control in the bedroom. For some, the psychology of power play can be a very confronting experience.
From a kneeling position, lean forward as if moving into doggy style and get your guy to thrust upward into you using his core muscles. Trust is the greatest aphrodisiac. As well, if you have any weakness in your elbows or wrists, this may not be sustainable for very long. Here, the woman is totally in charge of the speed, depth, motion, and pressure of the sexual experience. Nurturance is a very gentle form of dominance and can introduce a power dynamic even before you get started.
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